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Drinkware With a Purpose

It’s what’s inside that counts! It’s for our cups, tumblers, and bowls but even more important it is what is inside MiLiOZ as a company as well. We will always have a program running where we are giving back to organizations that are important to us, our partners, and our consumers.

MiLiOZ is pronounced "Milly-OZ" (like the Wizard of OZ.  If Dorothy had these she would not have wanted to go back to Kansas) and is short for Milliliters & Ounces. It's a unique inside measuring system that is a simple and functional way to make life easier from the time you wake up, to the time you go to bed.


In June, July, and August MiLiOZ will be giving back 5% of all of their online sales to The American Cancer Society Indiana.

To purchase MiLiOZ products, please click this link:

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Platinum Recruiting Group, along with Valeo, Republic Airways, and dozens of other Indianapolis businesses are joining forces to support the American Cancer Society’s Mission to save lives, celebrate lives and lead the fight for a world without cancer.


We are focused specifically on fundraising for the Indy Discovery Ball event held November 13, 2021.  


In the words of ACS Executive Director “Critical work remains. Thousands of cancer patients have been negatively impacted by COVID-19, as well as our own ability to fight this disease from every angle. In fact, if trends continue, we may be forced to reduce our research investment by up to 50 percent – our lowest investment this century.” 


Platinum Recruiting Group has committed $5,000 as a Silver Sponsor. We think we can do more! Our goal is to raise another $5,000 towards the Discovery Ball Fundraising goal of $500,000.

Every dollar counts. We would be grateful if you joined us in supporting this great event/cause.  

Donate securely online HERE. Thank you!

Your individual donation will enter you in one of three drawings:

1)  A one night stay at JW Marriott - Downtown Indianapolis 

2) Two Seats at the Discovery Ball held 11/13/21 at JW Marriott Indianapolis

3) A $200 Gift Card to St. Elmo’s Steak House

** Platinum Recruiting Group is holding the drawing and will draw for the winners.

*** The American Cancer Society is not involved in any way with this drawing.